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In our weekly auction, we offer the following domain extensions (ccTLDs), numbers are a rounded average:
~ 7.000 .nl ~ 1.500 .be ~ 8.000 .eu ~ 4.000 .fr ~ 5.000 .it
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The following auctions are still to come.

Auction 27 May 2024

Quarantine auction
Start:Monday 27 May 2024 09:00
End:Tuesday 28 May 2024 14:00

Auction 3 June 2024

Quarantine auction
Start:Monday 3 June 2024 09:00
End:Tuesday 4 June 2024 14:00

About DomainOrder

Domain names that are denounced by their owners are not immediately available for registration. They are first put in quarantine. These domain names are therefore called quarantine domain names or redemption grace period (RGP) domain names. At the moment the quarantine period is over these domain names can be registered again 'first come, first serve'. Many of these domain names are interesting to register, for example, because there are still visitors coming from other websites because of remaining backlinks, or because it's just a good generic term.

There are many people interested in these domains and therefore DomainOrder has a developed an auction. There are of course also other companies that try to register these domain names, so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to register the domain name. That is why we are working "No catch, no pay ".

For whom is this interesting

Good domain names have become quite scarce. Quarantine domain names can be an interesting alternative source of domain names for media companies (radio, television, advertising agencies, etc) to use domain names for promotions or customers. Furthermore, if you want to start a new site but all your wishlist domain names are already taken, take a look at our quarantine list to see if there is an alternative about to become available.