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What is the purpose of DomainOrder.com?

Every week there are many thousands of domain names that, after a 40 day quarantine period, become available for registration again. There are many parties interested in this multitude of domain names. DomainOrder.com dedicates its services to quickly register domain names as soon as they become available. We have plenty of existing clients who exclusively use our service to successfully register their quarantine domains. During our weekly quarantine auction (starts every Monday at 9 am until Tuesday 2 pm.) you can take a look at domain names on www.DomainOrder.com that will become available after the auction. By using and participating in our auction system you can place a bid on these domain names and DomainOrder.com will strive to provide the highest bidder with the domain name in question. In the rare occasion that we fail to provide the highest bidder with the domain name, you will not have to pay the outstanding amount of the winning bid. This is what we call our "no catch, no pay" policy.

Since recently we do not only offer quarantine auctions but also theme auctions. In a theme auction only domain names from one particular industry will be auctioned. The domain names available in a theme auction have not been placed in quarantine and do not have to be procured by DomainOrder.com. The domain names from the auction are provided by a small group of reliable providers. The winner of the auction will always become the new owner of the domain name, assuming the reserve has been met.

What does it mean when a domain name is in quarantine?

When an individual or hosting provider deletes a domain name from their system this domain is placed in quarantine. This means that during a period of 40 days (the quarantine period) no actions can be processed regarding the domain. After the 40 day period the domain name becomes public again and can be registered, this is done on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. When a quarantine domain name becomes available we will use our lightning-quick system to register this domain name for the highest bidder. Only if and when we have been able to obtain the domain name the winner will have to pay the offered bid. "No catch, no pay!"

What is a theme auction?

These are incidental auctions that are offered with a different theme each time. The theme determines the offer of domain names displayed in the auction. The first theme was "Health and Wellness". The domain names that will be on offer are property of various reliable providers. This auction does not include domain names that are quarantined. If you win this auction, we will be able to provide you with the domain name 100%, as long as the reserve has been met.

I have forgotten my login details.

Please click on the "forgot password" link directly below the login boxes. This link will allow you to reset your password.

Where can I see the complete list of domain names that will be in the quarantine auction?

The list of a quarantine auction can only be viewed after registering and during the auction. We only provide these lists with domain names to people who are actually going to take part in the auction. Any other use of these lists is prohibited. (Please take a look at our general terms & conditions). The auction list of a theme auction can be viewed on DomainOrder.com a week before the auction is scheduled.

What are the chances of DomainOrder.com actually obtaining a quarantine domain name?

There are many factors that determine the success of registering a domain name. We can’t fully guarantee that we will be able register your desired domain name. We can however promise you that we will do our outmost best to register it for you!

Will you participate in the auctions?

No, we do not participate in the auction ourselves. Even when it involves top domains. We do reserve the right to register domain names that have not received a bid during the auction for our own use or selling purposes.

Can the previous owner retrieve a domain name from quarantine?

The previous owner of the domain name can retrieve the domain name from quarantine within the 40 day period. When this happens, the domain name will be removed from the auction. In the event this occurs after the auction has been closed, we will notify you accordingly. Remember: "no catch, no pay!"